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All essay writing companies that operate on the Internet claim to offer genuine writing services. However, this is not necessarily the thing and for an inexperienced student who tries to locate an authentic essay company, it can pose a huge challenge. Sham essay writing services are good at generating low quality products that students cannot even submit to lecturers or supervisors because they are mostly plagiarized and full of grammatical mistakes. Students are the largest victims of sham companies because they do not have a way of identifying authentic writing companies amidst the large number of sham companies. They therefore lose money to these fake companies, experiences that really get them frightened. This is the reason why we resolved to creating because we want to help students find practical but simple ways of locating credible writing companies.

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To do this, we depend on customer reviews on writing services. We therefore invite students and other people who use essay writing services to review the companies that write for them and submit those reviews to us. On our part, we take time to study the customer reviews and rate the against the aspects that students find important. Such aspects include pricing of the services, quality of the end products, customer support, timely submission of products and utility of the end products. This rating process enables us to determine the performance of each writing company that is under review. Having the rating scores in place, we proceed to rank the essay companies in numerical order according to their individual performance. This is how we end up with a list that shows which essay writing companies are most reputable because these are the kind of companies that take up top positions in the ranking list.

Our process of capturing reviews from writing service consumers is much targeted because we always require feedback that is informative and objective. While sending out invitations for reviews, we ask students and other persons who consume writing services to be very candid in sharing their experiences. Specifically, we need customer reviews to capture details about the competence levels of writers in the companies that they are reviewing in terms of their credentials. We also require information about the companies’ policies and the extent to which they are observes, the king of customer rights that those companies give clients like right to ask for work reviews or get accurate information or get progress reports. Further, we like to know whether essay writing companies are providing written samples to clients and reports from plagiarism scans to customers.

This information, plus the details that we gather through our independent research on essay companies that involve studying their online platforms such as social sites and websites, enables us to compile informative reports that students can use to identify the most authentic services that they need. Further, this site hosts videos developed by the most reputable companies that we know of. Those are located below and contain more information about different top performing essay company’s operational processes. We have also featured direct links to their websites so you can easily reach them for more information.